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I have been in the beauty industry since 2008. What I love most is connecting with my clients and I have built some great relationships over the years. It feels great  when my clients leave  feeling  confident and inspired.  Working with so many women over the years has helped me grow as an individual and  I see the importance of helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. I have so many moms, career women, female business owners, students, grandmothers, and so many women with their own unique story. I am always excited to hear your story and learn something new. This job is more than just brows, and I love the journey including all the ups and downs. I wouldn't have it any other way! 


I am a full time Las Vegas, NV resident and also I have a full clientele in Northern California. I go to the Bay Area once a month to take clients and visit family.

All the info about your appointment and your eyebrows should be on my website, but if you want to talk to me before you decide to book, feel free to contact me via text, phone, email, or IG.  



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What are Nano Strokes??


I specialize in this amazing technique which creates natural looking hair strokes with a machine instead of a hand tool as with Microblading. They are both awesome techniques, however I switched over to this technique years ago because the benefits are worth it:

LESS Painful

LASTS LONGER ( especially on oily skin)




** Of course results vary with each individual and unfortunately results cannot be guaranteed. However in my three years with this technique I have had better results as with microblading.


A combination of Nano Strokes and shading. For those who want natural looking brows with a dash of a makeup look. Shading can add a little more boldness, and we can add as much or as little shading as you wish. 

Nano strokes are natural hair strokes that are performed with a machine instead of a hand tool. Nano strokes look exactly like microblading, however the benefits of this technique are longevity, it can last up to twice as long, doesn't fade as fast as microblading, typically less painful, and some clients don't need an initial touch-up as with microblading! *Results vary with each client just as any permanent makeup service.

Add a natural dusting of pigment to your lash line for a permanent enhancement. This technique is a super topical technique and it will eventually fade completely. I love the gradient soft look, I do not do a hard line style. Add a subtle enhancement to your lash line or a winged gradient for a natural yet more dramatic look. I do not work over previous eyeliner tattoo by other artists. You cannot have hooded eyelids. 


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I make all of my own appointments and I try to keep my responses to business hours. If you don't get a response within a few days please send me another text! I try my best to answer everyone promptly.

Thank you for understanding.

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9480 S Eastern Avenue, Suite 135

Henderson, Las Vegas 89123