Hey Bombshells!

I am taking a deposit of $50 for all brow services which is non refundable.


Please cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment for credit for your deposit.  No shows, or showing up to your appointment with one of the following contraindications will result in forfeiture of your deposit. 

I book 3 hours for each initial session and 1 hour+ for touch ups.  

At your appointment I am only accepting cash, Apple Pay, or Venmo.

**Price increase starting October 1, 2020

Initial Hybrid brows......$650

Initial Nano Strokes........$600

Thank you so much for your understanding and support!!

 Do not book if any of these apply to you:

Are ill or not feeling well

Pregnant or nursing

Under 18 years of age

Cancer or receiving treatment

Medium to severe diabetes

Cannot lay still on flat bed for 2-3 hours

Botox, fillers, or use of products containing retinols, glycolic acid, salycilic acid, lactic acid, or benzoyl peroxide above the nose  within 2 weeks of appointment

Professional facial treatment within 2-4 weeks of your brow appointment depending on the intensity of the treatment

Active cold sore or herpes outbreak

(can affect your immune system and healing)

This is a topical tattoo and takes about 2 weeks for the skin to heal over the pigment. During this time do not:

Plan a vacation or event with water activities or any sun exposure

Plan any photo shoot or special event where you don't want your brows to be peeling

Plan high intensity workouts or activities where you will be sweating

Medications that can increase sensitivity and affect healing:

Blood thinners



Hormone therapy

Accutane in the past year

**Please note:

Results vary with each individual's skin, unfortunately i cannot guarantee any results. Some clients are just not good candidates for this procedure and there is no way of ensuring results or longevity. Feel free to send me a picture of your skin or schedule a free 15 minute consultation for analysis of your skin if you are concerned

Online booking for Las Vegas Location only
Text me with questions or for cancellations to get in sooner