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nano brows Las Vegas, Nevada
nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada

Elevate your permanent makeup career to the next level.

Nano brow training, Nano strokes training
Private nano strokes training in Las Vegas, Nevada
nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada

Nano VS Microblading

Nano strokes have yielded me better feedback from clients and overall better results than microblading.


BETTER RESULTS on oily skin (microblading sometimes doesn't stick at all with this skin type)

EASIER HEALING process. Doesn't scab or peel as much as microblading, and less damage to the skin.

HAPPIER CLIENTS, better feedback, more referrals! 

Brow Bomb Courses

Hello, I am offering all private classes to help you learn the foundation, or enhance the skills you already have. 

I offer foundational training to learn it all, or if you are experienced and need help in certain areas, check out my technical classes. 

I started microblading when there were no online training courses or you tube videos. I completely understand how it feels when your starting out, and to be responsible for tattooing someone's face.

I have been also diving deep in how to teach different learning types. Brows and teaching are two separate skills and I am always trying to improve both. 

This career actually requires more knowledge, technique, and geometry than artistic skills. You can definitely study and practice your way to the top. Let's learn together!


nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada
The Brow Bomb nano brows, Las Vegas, Nevada
Technical Training

Learn the science and technical details of NANO. We breakdown the technique so you will know how to handle any skin type or problem that may occur. 

Training Kit Included

Training Kits include materials to start you off on your new career. Tina Davies pigment collection, Tina Davies needles, Permablend corrector pigments, mapping supplies, practice pads, ink soap and more!

*Varies with class.

Walk-through Session

One on one walk-through session included on a client included in private training. This helps to put together everything you learn from class. signature practice workbook included. This guides you through all the practice and a timeline of what skills to achieve. This is key to help you perfect your skills.

Practice Workbook


Level II






Already doing microblading or PMU?

Upgrade your skills with NANO

This class is for you if you want to upgrade your current PMU skills by learning this new technique. 

If you've already have brow mapping and foundational knowledge of permanent makeup, and want to add this new amazing technique to your arsenal.

nano brow private training, Las Vegas, NV
Nano brows training, Las Vegas, Nevada





  • Pigment Breakdown Technical  

  • Nano technique, Needle and Machine Theory technical 

  • Hair Stroke break down and design

  • Browbomb workbook to keep you on track after your training with practice and what to remember

  • Homework project: Design your SIGNATURE STYLE and develop multiple looks to be a diverse artist.

  • Training Kit 

  • Certificate of completion 

This is a private 1-on-1 course with Emily 





NANO   +   OMBRE    +    HYBRID

Foundation Training:

For experienced PMU artists and beginners. 

For students new to PMU, or for artists who are looking for a complete training and breakdown of the basics.  Learn the foundational education that separates a good artist from a great artist! Also, learn two different techniques, and multiple combinations of styles. You will be able to provide a wide variety of different looks for all of your clients making you a diverse artist. I believe in taking your time to learn the basics of a new skill. It will increase your chances of success. 

ELEVATE your quality of service.

CREATE your own styles and express your artistic eye while helping clients. 


CONFIDENCE with better results for your clients, get more referrals, and charge a higher price point. 

NANO + OMBRE + HYBRID include signature practice work book to guide you and keep you on track to perfect this skillset after class is over. Anyone can learn this skill, but not without dedication to the hours of practice. This dedication is what sets master artists apart from the rest.  My goal is to set you up for success.

Reap the benefits of offering an elevated service with a style for everyone and a technique that is fit for just about every skin type.  See my article on reasons why nano is better than microblading.

IMG_9734 (1).jpg
Nano brows training, Las Vegas, Nevada



What this training includes:

  • 3 consecutive days of training, 8 hours each.

  • Full kit with machine and lots of goodies to start taking clients

  • signature work book to help with perfecting with practice

  • Contraindications + Healing process: How to screen and prep your clients. Also, commonly asked questions.

  • Skin Analysis: How to identify skin types so we can choose the right needle and pigment. 

  • Choosing the right style for your client.

  • Identifying face shapes and designing the right brow style for each client.

  • Hair Stroke Styles: Nano, ombre, and hybrid.

  • Pre-draw: Face mapping and hair strokes on client. Practice drawing on each other in class.

  • Face Mapping Techniques: We will learn the string method, sticker method, and TheBrowBomb’s magic mapping method. We will be practicing on each other. 

  • Pigment theory: Let's learn the science of what makes up a pigment and how to choose the right brand. We'll also learn how to choose the right color for each client. 

  • Machine theory: How to choose the right machine for you.

  • Needle theory: Breakdown of needle components, configurations, and how to choose the right one for each client.

  • Stroke and shading techniques, 

  • Putting it all together. How to choose the right color and needle for each client.

  • Hands on practice with latex and fruit. Nano, ombre, and hybrid style. 

  • How to properly sanitize according to state standards.

  • Social media tips and photography basics.

  • Choosing the right numbing crème.

  • Review of skin analysis and choosing pigment and needles. Putting it all together. 

  • Practice + Fine tuning skills.

  • What to do if you get stuck, potential problems and how to be prepared. Perfection guide map provided to use when practicing on your own. 

  • Includes 3 shadow sessions with me and my clients

  • Coaching calls for once a week for one month after class.

  • Live models 

  • For body art apprenticeship card along with full training, I have only 5 apprenticeship spots available at one time. Message me to see availability


This is a private 1-0n-1 training with Emily.




NANO   +   OMBRE    +    HYBRID


Foundation Training:

For experienced PMU artists and beginners. 

Nano brows training, Las Vegas, Nevada


Permanent makeup services in Clark County in Las Vegas, NV requires a body art card.

  • Acquire Apprenticeship card through Southern Nevada Health District. Must be signed off by mentor.

  • 6 months of training with a mentor card holder. 

  • This program must be signed off at the end of the 6 month term to receive your official Body Art card to be able to work on your own.  

For beginners or experienced PMU artists who are looking for a complete training and receive credential with the Southern Nevada Health District. 


Learn the foundations of nano, ombre, and hybrid brows, as well as multiple combinations of styles. You will be able to provide a wide variety of different looks for all of your clients making you a diverse artist. This program is pretty much your career on a silver platter. I will help you with not just the foundation and skill of nano, but I will help you with support and valuable information to start your career with organization, good habits, and a system for your business.   





  • All 3 TECHNICAL CLASSES: You will get foundational training broken down into 3 technical classes spread out so you can have time to practice in between. THIS IS FOR THE BEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND WE WILL DIVE DEEP INTO EACH SUBJECT!

  • Brow Mapping and Hair Stroke Technical class

  • Pigment Breakdown Technical class 

  • Nano technique, Needle and Machine Theory technical class

  • Private walkthrough sessions

  • Shadow sessions-Unlimited during 6 months

  • Entrepreneurship 101 workshop-Let me help you set up your business plan and systems 

  • Homework projects: Build your own business plan.

  • Homework project: Cases studies with reports.

  • Homework project: Design your SIGNATURE STYLE and develop multiple looks to be a diverse artist.

  • Personal Brow Coach- Routine scheduled calls to keep you on track and to answer questions throughout the 6 month program.

  • Training Kit 

  • Final Test (must pass with 80%)

  • Certificate of completion of Building Blocks PMU Foundational class

  • Certificate of 6 month Apprenticeship Program with TheBrowBomb

  • Sign off to receive official body art card through SNHD

I have created a unique apprenticeship program to fully support your learning process, and provide the best personalized training. 

This is private trainings, I will be your brow coach and business coach. Learn 3 styles of brows, gain experience, and learn how to be successful in the beauty industry. 


2 left at this price.

Payment plans available.

Nano brows training, Las Vegas, Nevada


Have you had a previous training but still need help?


Are you feeling overwhelmed or intimidated with starting out?


Do you want to fine-tune your service, cut down appointment length, and have your clients feeling more satisfied? 

With this 1 on 1 session you have my full undivided attention no matter where you're at with your skill level.

If you need some help gaining momentum in the beginning of your brow career, or taking your service to the next level, this private walkthrough session is for you.

Must provide certification of foundational training if you didn't take the class with me. This class is to review and fine tune the foundation that you have already learned. Together we can:




I customize every session so you learn exactly what you need. This private training is specifically for those have already taken a training course and need help fine tuning any area of brows. Let's dive deep into breaking down specific categories of brows. Here's some examples of subjects to work on:

  • If your overwhelmed, let me walk you through your first client and help you put all of the details together.

  • If your experienced, let me help you feel more comfortable with holding the machine and getting the right angle

  • Understanding how to adjust your technique so you have better results

  • Gaining more confident with choosing the color

  • Getting your brow mapping on point

_JP_5196 - Copy.jpg
Nano brows training, Las Vegas, Nevada


What's Included

  • Let me walk you through doing a procedure on your client. No matter what skill level you are at. 

  • Identifying areas to improve, fine tuning your skill.

  • Hands on live model and/or practice on latex or fruit

  • Furthering and/or reviewing your knowledge on whichever subject you need to improve

  • Consultation call to plan what we will covering. I customize each program for individual. 

  • Must have previous training. (Not all previous training will be accepted)


This is a private training with Emily. 

Let me give you my undivided attention while walking you through a service and helping you with wherever you are at. 


Deposit to book: $400 


No matter how long you have been practicing the art of nano, microblading, or ombre brows, brow mapping is a skill in its' own. 

Brow mapping can make or break the quality of your service. 

Let's enhance your brow mapping techniques to:

  • provide a shape that you and your client are happy with

  • give your clients a "WOW" factor

  • shorten the length of your service time

  • show your client how confident you are with your skills

  • Learn different hair stroke patterns

Let me teach you different techniques as well as my "quick draw" method. I have gotten my brow mapping time down to about 10-15 minutes! My overall initial Nano brow session is usually around 2 hours whereas I used to spend 3-4 hours. This means more appointments in one day with less burn out. 

Also, I make less corrections during the brow mapping process to get the shape right with the client. Clients are usually nervous as it is with trusting someone to tattoo their face. Perfecting this step is a game changer with how your clients trust you and feel about their brows. 

IMG_8718 (1).jpg


What's Included

  • String method

  • Sticker and protractor method

  • Emily's quick draw method

  • Tiny details that make a HUGE difference

  • Face shapes and features

  • How to check your work

  • How to communicate with your client

  • Practice on a live model

  • Certificate

  • How to get your pre-draw time down to the minimum. Spend less time per client!

For experienced artists who need further understanding.

This is a private training with Emily.


Deposit to book class: $400



What makes a good pigment?

How do I know the brows won't turn out too dark or too light?

We will dive deep into the ingredients, undertones, and viscosities in the pigment. If you have already taken a training course but are still not confident in choosing the colors then this course is for you.

  • Are you getting results that are too dark or too light?

  • Are you confident with how the color will heal up in the skin? 

  • Do your client's come back with ashy gray brows?

  • Do you understand the skin types and how they affect the color?

  • Are your client's leaving happy with the color?


Let's learn how to correct brows that turn out to be gray, blue, green etc. We will cover modifiers and when to use them, and understanding the canvas of your client's skin to know what color is right. 

Breaking down the science and getting technical with all the details is what will take you from a good artist to an expert artist! This knowledge is what will give you that confidence to walk the walk.  



What's Included

  • Skin theory

  • Breakdown of ingredients in the pigments

  • Color theory

  • How to choose a pigment

  • How to prevent "ashing"

  • How to color correct 

  • How to screen your clients and when to say no

  • Understanding skin types and how you can predict the color 

  • Training kit provided

  • Case study homework assignments for after your class. 

  • Coaching calls to discuss case studies and progress. 

For experienced artists who need further understanding.

This is a private training with Emily.


Deposit to book class: $400




Knowing every aspect of your trade to the fullest is what makes a great artist!

The needle you choose makes a huge difference in your work. Let's understand the different needles and machines, and how they are important when learning the actual NANO technique. 

We will break down the most important tools of nano brows: NEEDLES + MACHINE

I like to teach the breakdown of needles, the machine, and the technique of implanting the pigment into the skin all in one course. I am super excited about how they all work together and I have been perfecting my teaching techniques to make this easy to learn. It's all about breaking everything down and starting slow so you learn good habits. 

Let's cover:

  • Break down of needles and machines

  • What products are good to buy and where to get them

  • The correct technique, how to hold your hands, body positioning, and mindset

  • How to use your tools and get the results you want with different clients

  • The tiny details I have learned over the years that come with practice

  • Greater understanding of how the pigment is implanted into the skin

Bellar-Air-Product-Microbeau nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada
Needle theory nano strokes, nano brows, Las Vegas, Nevada


What's Included

  • Breakdown of ingredients in the pigments

  • Needle break down

  • Choosing the right needle

  • How to choose the right machine

  • Machine settings 

  • Technique breakdown of nano and shading

  • Have better results and easier healing time with your clients

  • Feel more confident to handle any skin type. 

  • Coaching to check up on your homework and progress

For experienced artists who need further understanding.

This is a private training with Emily.


Deposit to book class: $400


Why Choose Us

I understand the process in trusting someone to teach you and assist you on this life-changing path.


I started out when hardly anyone knew about microblading. I took a class from a microblader and she taught me everything in 4 hours! I have since taken at least a dozen classes and spent thousands of dollars on continuing my education. Not to mention the endless hours practice, trial and errors, and mistakes I've made. If only I knew back then what I know now!


But, I am grateful for the experience and I feel this long path allowed me to grow and guided me to offer my own elevated training courses. I have been studying "how to teach". Teaching and doing brows are two different skill sets. Integrity has always been a priority to me and I want to give you an amazing education and experience in this industry.


Let's have fun while we start this new and exciting training to elevate your career!


nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada

Potential Nano Brow Income

Number of Clients per Week
Typically 2-3 Hours per client 
Average Weekly Income
Average Annual Income

















"I want to see you succeed in becoming a professional PMU artist. There's no short cuts to becoming an expert but let's make this journey fun and efficient. "

-Emily  Dear

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