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Brow Bomb Courses

Hello, I am offering all private classes to help you learn the foundation, or enhance the skills you already have. 

I offer foundational training to learn it all, or if you are experienced and need help in certain areas, check out my technical classes. 

I started microblading when there were no online training courses or you tube videos. I completely understand how it feels when your starting out, and to be responsible for tattooing someone's face.

I have been also diving deep in how to teach different learning types. Brows and teaching are two separate skills and I am always trying to improve both. 

This career actually requires more knowledge, technique, and geometry than artistic skills. You can definitely study and practice your way to the top. Let's learn together!


nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada
The Brow Bomb nano brows, Las Vegas, Nevada
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NANO vs 

Nano strokes have yielded me better feedback from clients and overall better results than microblading.


BETTER RESULTS on oily skin (microblading sometimes doesn't stick at all with this skin type)

EASIER HEALING process. Doesn't scab or peel as much as microblading, and less damage to the skin.

HAPPIER CLIENTS, better feedback, more referrals! 


Why Choose Us

I understand the process in trusting someone to teach you and assist you on this life-changing path.


I started out when hardly anyone knew about microblading. I took a class from a microblader and she taught me everything in 4 hours! I have since taken at least a dozen classes and spent thousands of dollars on continuing my education. Not to mention the endless hours practice, trial and errors, and mistakes I've made. If only I knew back then what I know now!


But, I am grateful for the experience and I feel this long path allowed me to grow and guided me to offer my own elevated training courses. I have been studying "how to teach". Teaching and doing brows are two different skill sets. Integrity has always been a priority to me and I want to give you an amazing education and experience in this industry.


Let's have fun while we start this new and exciting training to elevate your career!


nano brows, nano strokes, nano blading Las Vegas, Nevada

Potential Nano Brow Income

Number of Clients per Week
Typically 2-3 Hours per client 
Average Weekly Income
Average Annual Income

















"I want to see you succeed in becoming a professional PMU artist. There's no short cuts to becoming an expert but let's make this journey fun and efficient. "

-Emily  Dear

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