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When to get a NANO brow touch up

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Everything you need to know about getting a nano brow touch up.

Nano brows are considered permanent makeup, however it shouldn't last forever without maintenance. The nano brow technique is a very superficial implantation of the pigment into the skin, in other words, we don't want the pigment to go too deep into the skin. We want it to eventually fade completely after about 5 years or so. Why doesn't it last for forever? We don't want that pigment in the skin for too long or it will oxidize and turn different colors. This is why you see old school eyebrow tattoos that were done 10+ years ago that are blue, green, orange, or purple. Yikes!

Touching up your nano brow pigment regularly will keep your brows looking fresh and a natural looking color.

It's important to know all of the details before committing to any permanent cosmetic procedure, especially on your face. Here is what you need to know about nano strokes touch ups so you will be prepared to keep your brows looking amazing.

Healed nano brows
Perfectly healed nano brows after initial session


How to know when to schedule a NANO brow touch up


Scheduling a NANO brow touch up after your initial session

So you just got your first nano stroke session! Now what?

First things first, we have to wait 2 weeks for them to heal. After they heal you may or may not need an initial touch up. If you have perfect retention, you don't need to come in for a touch up until your routine touch up, typically in 1.5 years.

About 60% of my clients do, however, need an initial touch up in 5 weeks after the initial session to put back any nano strokes that may have came off during the healing process. This is totally normal and depends on how well your skin retains the nano brow pigment.

How do I know if I need an initial NANO touch up?

What to look for after your first nano brow session is healed.

We want to wait 2 weeks after your initial nano session before we see the final results. After the 2 weeks, if you feel they are too light, or if you have a gap where a nano strokes didn't heal right, then make an appointment to have a quick touch up.

You have to wait at least 5 weeks for the skin to heal up on a sub-dermal level before getting another nano session. This session should be quick and easy. The price for an initial touch up is very minimal, or included in your initial price depending on your artist. I personally charge it separately as a lot of my clients don't even need it.

How often do I need a NANO touchup?

When to book a maintenance nano brow touch up.

Every 1.5 years is the typical time to come in for a touch up. At 1.5 years, the brows usually still look great, however the color needs to be freshened. Some clients with great retention wait 2 to 2.5 years!

Nano strokes fade at different rates on each client. There are a lot of factors that determine longevity of your nano such as the health of your skin, products you use, sun exposure, and if you have any scar tissue on the brow area. Oily skin, retinols and exfoliating products, and professional treatments such as lasers and chemical peels can all cause your brows to fade faster.

How do you know when to make a nano brow touch up appointment?

Touch ups are completely up to the client. If you are loosing pigment and they feel too light or you wish they were darker, make an appointment for a touch up. The tails of the eyebrow usually start to fade first and may seem a little shorter, or they might start to turn an ash color. This happens especially if you are in the sun a lot or already have hyperpigmentation.

Some clients like the look of their brows when they’re fading and push out their touch up to 2-2.5 years (usually clients with healthy skin and great retention). If you have oily skin, get a lot of sun on your face, or have hyperpigmentation, then you will probably need to come in at the 1.5 mark.

The most important thing to know about nano touch ups, is that you shouldn't wait until they are too faded. Make your appointment when your strokes are still defined and obvious.

Your artist will go over the same exact hair strokes, so if they are hard to see, your appointment will take longer and he/she may need to redraw an outline. This means a more expensive touch up. If you make an appointment sooner rather than later, your nano touch up session will be a easier for your artist therefore less in price.

Timeline of NANO brow touchups:

First you get your nano strokes initial session.

Wait 2 weeks for them to heal to decide if you are missing any hair strokes or have pigment loss. If you notice any gaps or light spots then make an appointment for an nano touchup for a minimum of 5 weeks after your initial session. Don't wait to long, your artist will probable have a cut off time before the price goes up.

If you are happy with how they look, then you don't need to make another touch up appointment for 1.5-2.5 years.

The right time to make a nano brow touch up appointment is when you notice the hair strokes getting lighter and need to refresh the color. It's your preference, just don't wait too long for the strokes to become unclear.


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