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Why choose NANO over microblading?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Why choose NANO strokes over microblading?

Nano strokes have a lot of benefits

· It’s less painful to the client. Especially for clients who are on medications or have certain medical conditions that make them sensitive, or are just naturally super sensitive. On a pain threshold scale of 1-10 most clients say their pain is about a 3 for the first pass which I do not even use any pre-numb! For the second pass it is usually a zero as I use a special numbing gel that works fast and stops bleeding and swelling.

With microblading I definitely pre-numb for 30 minutes, even then I had a lot of clients say that it still hurts, about a 6-8 on the pain threshold scale.

· With normal skin, NANO lasts longer. Touchups are usually 1.5-3 years whereas microblading touchups are usually 1.5-2 years tops with most of the pigment faded.

· Less peeling and scabbing during the healing process. At least half of my clients say they don’t notice any scabbing or peeling, the other half say that it was not bad at all and they went to work and out in public no problem. Microblading is a way more intense scabbing process.

· An elevated retention of pigment with nano, especially with oily skin! Oily skin clients often came back for microblading touch ups every 6 months. With nano its more like a year to one year and a half!

· With nano, the pigment does not get super scary dark the first day of healing as with microblading. This is a normal part of the healing process with microblading and it causes clients to call you freaking out! Sometimes they do not feel comfortable going out in public. With nano strokes I do not have this problem! There is not as much pigment loss as with microblading and they stay more true to color during healing.

· With microblading, when the pigment fades, it can leave a red hue and clients are not happy about this. This red hue does not happen with nano strokes.

Overall, nano strokes provide better retention, easier healing process, and less painful procedure which are huge selling points. Nano strokes causes less damage to the skin. All of these points mean happier clients, better reviews, more referrals, and higher price point. It totally changed my career!

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