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The Filler Facial

The Filler Facial


House of PLLA

Benefits: Plumping, brightening, anti-aging, nourishing

This popular Korean facial treatment has made its' way to the US because of the amazing "skin technology" it uses. The magic ingredient is Poly-L-Lactic acid; the same ingredient in the injectable Sculptra that you get at the doctors office.


This amazing skin technology uses hydrogen molecules to bring the PLLA deeper into the skin through the hair follicle where it will stimulate your own collagen and fill out the skin. 


Truly an amazing facial system that is one of a kind on the market!


How it works:

This bio-compatible ingredient is infused into the skin  where it will stimulate your own collagen and fill out the fine lines and wrinkles.  Prevent wrinkles from starting in the first place.

This is a topical, non-invasive facial treatment lasts about a month, but with continued treatments the skin continues to improve. 

Alternative to fillers

This magic ingredient is in the injectable you get at your doctor's office; Sculptra. One syringe can cost around $900, sometimes needing more than one at the same treatment.  

This facial treatment can be a great alternative, or if you are looking to treat the whole face with a plumping affect. Also, there is no down time as with injections.

We can go pretty close to the eyes, over the lips, and even fill out lines on the neck and chest. Each treatment includes the neck to to the collar bone. 

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