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If you show up to an appointment with one of the contraindications, I will not be able to do your eyebrows and your deposit will be forfeited. I reserve a 3 hour time block for each initial eyebrow procedure.

Please double check this list! Thank you!***




Contraindications to pERMANENT MAKEUP

Any of the following medical conditions can affect your healing process and final results. If you identify with any of the listed conditions, please get a doctor's note before your appointment. These conditions will require a doctor's note ahead of time so I can verify.


Showing up to an appointment with any of the following conditions, and without a previously verified doctor's note will result in an appointment cancellation fee of $50. I book 3 hours per client so please make sure you come prepared, thank you!

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Microblading and machine work eyebrow permanent makeup is not guaranteed to stay in everyone's skin. Some skin types might reject the pigment, typically very oily or sun-damaged skin. It's hard to determine if your skin will reject pigment, there's no way of knowing for sure but if you have any questions feel free to give us a call!