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Needle Theory

Pigment Color Theory

Face Mapping (three different techniques)

Hybrid styles and hair stroke patterns

Choosing the right style for your client

Pre-drawing outline and hair strokes 

Setting Yourself up for Success

Checking your Work

Dos and don’ts

What to do if you get stuck

Tray set up 


Client communication 

Notepad on Desk

Pigment theory and selection 

Needle theory and selection 

Skin theory and skin types

Identifying Skin types on clients

How pigment heals with skin types

Choosing needles for different skin types 

Machine selection and set up 

Client form 

Prescreening clients

Client take home kits 

Notepad on Desk

Course 3, Parrt 1

Tray set up

Nano technique 

Ombré technique 

Hybrid technique 

Numbing creme 

Tools and supplies used for procedure 

Hand and body Posture 

timing your session


Part 2

Setting up your appointment booking 

Keeping records



LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc 

Social media, marketing, website 

Photography, lighting, and editin

Space rentals, location 

Balancing your life, making your business work for you, not the other way around 

Notepad on Desk

Hello, Emily here, and I am proud to say i have built my business since 2011 off of customer service, quality work, and integrity. My approach to teaching students is the same and I definitely prefer to teach over a 6 month apprenticeship where you can learn each aspect of this craft before moving on to the next. As a microblader since 2015 when there wasn't a lot of information out there, I understand how it feels to start from the beginning and feel overwhelmed. That's why I designed a course so that you will feel confidence to start your own business when your done. 

This class is for you if:

you need an apprenticeship for your Nevada or California body art card 

Anyone who wants to be thorough with learning 

What you learn and the timeline:

My apprenticeship includes all 3 courses I offer. I personally think a 1-3 day training is not enough to perfect this craft. This is why I broke up the learning into 4 segments. Must pass all course tests with 80% or higher. (Don't worry I will help you until you pass!)


Month 1: Course 1

Month 2: Course 2

Month 3: Course 3 part 1

Month 4: Course 3 part 2

Month 5+6: Shadowing, fine tuning, perfecting, and also creating your business plan.

Whew! That’s a lot of work but after all that you will feel confident and ready to hit the ground running with your own business. 

Continued support for a year. 


Nano Strokes + Hybrid technique


$8500 for Microblading

payment plan optional